The band was forged in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. Starting out as a one man band, Evgenerator recorded and released the first self titled full-length on his own in 2013. Since its beginning the idea about the music has been to create black metal that’s succumbed by nature’s cold, raw, unrelenting essence in a professional, well produced manner. Nowadays the band is a three-piece of dedicated musicians holding Hladomrak as their only priority. The ambition with this new line up is to produce material at a steady pace and record as much as possible. At the moment the band is working on a third fullength, its recording is scheduled to begin in late 2020.


The music draws inspiration from everything within nature that’s not touched or contaminated by mankind’s presence.

The base of the lyrics derive from the concept of Hladomrak forged with
Fall Division-Luciferianism.


We hate everyone equally. Bottom line.
Hladomrak’s main idea and driving force is misanthropy,
the complete loathing of mankind.

Hladomrak is NOT a political band, it never has been and never will be.
We keep political views out of our music. Several years ago a mistake was made when signing a distribution deal to a label which had previously released albums of bands with ties to extreme political views, a fact that was unknown to the band at that time. This mistake will not happen again.

To be clear: Neither the members of the band nor the music have any connection to extreme political ideas or views.